FORESDA Newletter 22.11.2018 


How can you reach SMEs if you make a research program? Our goal is to reach SMEs and call them as participants of our project. But we had to recognize it is not as easy way as it was in the previous years. Competition became harder, and more or less all company suffer from lack of manpower. They do not want to waste time to make workshops, and listen several boring presentations. They have enough negative experience in connection with EU projects. This results that SMEs are sceptic.

We ask our mentor SUAS, how it operates in Austria. They shared us their good practices, and the “innovation agent” idea was very sympathic for us. We could not built up a whole system, but we started to do, what makes an “innovation agent”. We went out to SMEs and made short meetings in their office. They were more opened, and cooperative. It was quite different what we experienced in our workshops. These were very exciting and nice treat.

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