The Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion has joined in the implementation of regional economic development programme pointing beyond the county. The Pannon Wood and Furniture Cluster was established on 14 June, 2001 with the participation of the most considerable enterprises of wood and furniture, regional development organizations, institutions of education, professional associations in the west-transdanubian region as well as with the support of the Ministry of Economy.

The cluster is a new concept, it symbolically demonstrates the loose but closely connected network system which is the framework of cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises in more and more difficult economic competition and a globalizing environment. Cluster members become strategic allies, seek common interests in a particular region, appear geographically concentrated, their innovative capacity is gaining strength jointly and they can enforce dominance in the industrial sector.

Main cluster services: representation of development financing constructions, development of cooperative projects, providing information and communication, training, education, event management, promoting utilization of natural resources, improving quality management, joint marketing and PR activity, facilitating international appearance.

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