ATM - Access to Microfinance for SME-s

Projekt kezdése: 2016.04.01.
Projekt zárása: 2022.03.31.
Összköltségvetése: 1.759.677 euro
ZMVA költségvetése: 131.292 euro


Project “ATM for SMEs” continues in Norway with the scope of identifying of best practices in the field of access to microfinance for SMEs

March 2017

In Oslo, Norway, with the effective cooperation of the organizer,Microfinance Norway AS and the project partners, the “ATM for SMEs” project has continued with a study trip which aimed to find new best practices in microfinance. Between 20-22 March 2017, cca. 20 people have joined the meeting which was a great chance for exchanging knowledge. With the help of this views partners try to promote some understanding of the opportunities related tobusiness development, microfinance and social innovation in the Follo region, Norway and Europe, furthermore thepossibilities that lie in a cooperation between public authorities, social entrepreneurs, universities, businesses,financial institutions and NGOs .

The host was the Microfinance Norway AS (Non-profit) which is a new microfinance loan fund in Norway aimed at start-upbusinesses that does not have ordinary access to financing from banks or other financial institutions. The fundrecently got a permit from the Finance Ministry of Norway to operate as an independent financial institution, and read more about the subject in Sparebankbladet. They have invited Center for SocialEntrepreneurship and innovation to co-host the event, and Oppegård Municipality is also a partner.


Project information:

Number of partners: 10
Countries involved: Hungary, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Norway, Croatia, Belgium
Main outputs: 9 regional action plans, 6 study trips, 9 improved policies, 6 new projects generated
Project duration: 4/2016 – 3/2021
ERDF funding: 1.622.097 €


The event was a part of a study trip for the project partners of the Interreg Europe project “Access to Microfinance for Smalland Medium sized Enterprises” as well as the members of the National Networks Committee of the EuropeanMicrofinance Network who had a meeting in Oslo/Kolbotn March 20-22. The event was great possibility for each partner to meet locally the public and businesscommunity to exchange views. In the framework of the event, participants could consult with public authorities, business community representatives, socialentrepreneurs, microfinance institutions and networks, ministries, regional authorities, NGOs and a university.

The project is implemented through the Interreg Europe programme co-financed by ERDF.  

Enterprise Europe Network

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