At the beginning of the 1990s, in the framework of enterprise promotion programme launched by the Phare programme of the European Union and the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Promotion, local entrepreneurial centres were established in every county of Hungary serving the purpose of supporting enterprises and mediating the entrepreneurial culture in the specific region.

Zalaegerszeg office of Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion

The Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion was founded in 1992 in Zala county with the contribution of the Local Government of Zala County as a sole founder. The objectives set at the establishment of the Foundation have not changed basically in the last few years: fostering economic development in Zala county, supporting the formation, survival and, first of all, the growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, an enterprise promotion office network self-supported in the long run i.e. the operation of a central office and county sub-offices, which are of assistance to the entrepreneurs in the county with high-standard, adequate and accessible services and projects.

Training, Consultation

Its primary objective is the improvement of entrepreneurial culture.

In order to achieve this, clients are provided with entrepreneurial trainings and personal consultation. The nature of training and consultation has changed a lot since 1993 according to needs and possibilities. At first, assisting start-up and necessity enterprises was the most important activity which has slowly turned into a form serving the growth and consolidation of enterprises. Consultation takes place in the central and sub-offices, training are organized in topics and at venues as required.

Free Consultation to Small Entrepreneurs

Consultation to sole traders, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individuals who would like to embark on an undertaking.

Our old and new clients are welcomed to rely on our consultation services ranging from basic information provided to individuals on business, finance, law and accountancy related to launching an enterprise, assistance to the development of active enterprises and search for proposals, to mapping domestic and EU sources and subsidy constructions. Turn to us with confidence!

With a trust in the opportunity of a mutually favourable cooperation serving for the development of the settlement represented by You,

Yours faithfully,

András Nagy
managing director

Enterprise Europe Network

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