Clustering knowledge, Innovation and Design - ID: Wood


Project number: SEE/D/0227/1.2/X

Project name: Clustering Knowledge, Innovation and Design in the SEE Wood Sector,

Acronym: ID:WOOD, approved within the fourth call of the SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme

Priority: Facilitation of Innovation and entrepreneurship

Area of Intervention: Develop the enabling environment for innovative entrepreneurship

Project start date: 1 October 2012

Project duration: 24 MONTHS

Project website:     

Partnership: 15 organizations implements the ID:WOOD project , leaded by the Slovenian Forestry Institute. Other partners are INFORMEST, Italy, Wood Industry Cluster, Slovenia, Technological Pole of Pordenone, Italy, Wood Cluster Styria, Austria, Regional Development Agency Centru, Romania, Agency for Sustainable Development and Eurointegration-ECOREGIONS, Bulgaria, Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion, Hungary, Local Development Agency PINS, Croatia, Development Association NERDA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry, Serbia, the associated partners, Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region, Central Directorate for Education, University, Research, Family, Associations and Cooperative Entrepreneurship, Service for Education, University and Research, Italy, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia and Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenia, as well as the 10% partner Tuzla Canton, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

ID:WOOD project comes from the identified lack of organic policy approach required for the sustainable development of the wood sector in the project area as a whole, where the potential of forest resources is significant. Although the situation in all partners’ countries and regions is not one and the same, the low R&D investments and innovation levels and the poor access of SMEs to technology and knowledge and their lack of record of internationalization are prevailing. ID:WOOD project aims to support the sustainable development of the wood sector in the project area by means of promotion and fostering innovation and competitiveness of SMEs. Technical and organizational know-how will be shared and transferred to enable local support organizations (wood clusters, wood tech centers and RDAs) to address structural deficits of SMEs and enhance innovation potentials.

Project objectives: building up and consolidating transnational network of wood-furniture clusters, wood technology centres, RDAs and knowledge poles; fostering innovation skills in the wood sector supporting structures; creating new functions and competencies on design, intellectual property and environmental issues; bridging gaps between the productive sector and knowledge poles; rising SMEs capacity to implement innovation processes.

Expected results: improved capacities of support organisations; transnational cooperation between support organisations, knowledge poles and productive sector; increased information flow towards SMEs; innovation, design and knowledge transferred to SMEs; sustainability of the transnational network/support system and SMEs cooperation after project end; increased knowledge on market opportunities.

For more information you are welcome to visit the project website:



Development of interregional financial assistance to SMEs and of non-grant instruments - DIFASS


Short name: DIFASS

Support programme: European Territorial Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, Interreg IV C

Number:1174R4 DIFASS

Short description: DIFASS aims to unlock potential for innovation, internationalisation and sustainable growth of SMEs in Europe by improving their access to finance.Regions participating in the DIFASS project have teamed up to exchange experiences on good practice established in their regions, to develop or improve policies in that field and to support the transnational transfer of selected good practices to other regions.
Scientific institutes will support the partnership by analysing the background mechanisms of good practice examples and framework conditions for a successful transfer towards the up-taking regions.
Also risk-reducing financing models will be analysed by DIFASS and recommendations for policy implementation developed.

Duration for implementation: 2012. January - 2014. December

Lead partner: Pannon Business Network Association

Partners: 26 regional authorities from 16 countries, development agencies and scientific institutions

More information:
- Project information sheet
- Press release
- Newsletter


From Army to Enterpreneurship – F.A.T.E  


Short name: F.A.T.E.

Support programme:
South-East Europe

SEE AF/A/261/4.1/X

Short description:
Utilization of ex-military brownfields (mainly barracks) for economic purposes in addition to the establishment of Business Support Centres to foster the development of new companies and services.

Duration for implementation:
01. 04. 2009 – 30. 09. 2011

Lead partner:
Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (I)

Partner:  Informest Service and Documentation Center for International
              Development Cooperation (I)
              Region of Umbria (I)
              Regional Developlment Agency Mura Ltd. (SI)
              Municipality of Murska Sobota (SI)
              Drama Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GR)
              Municipality of Kavala (GR)
              Pannon Novum Regionális Innovációs Ügynökség (H)
              Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion  (H)
              Municipality of Gotse Delchev (BG)
              The Research Center of Building, Architecture and Urban Planning (RO)
              Municipality of Alexandria (RO)
              Regional Center of the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises
                                     and  Enterpreneurship
              LLC (SRB)
              Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency (SRB)
              Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja (CR)


handbook download here


Consolidation f training, further training and professional training related to energyoptimized architecture with the establishment of a cross-border training network - CEEBEE   

Short name:  CEEBEE

Support programme: Austria-Hungary Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013


Short description:
consolidation of training, further training and professional training related to energy-optimized architecture with the establishment of a cross-border training network

Duration for implementation: 2009–2011

Lead partner:
EU Regionalmanagement Oststeimar Energieregion Oststeimark (RMO)

Partners:    Lenti Multipurpose Small-Regional Association
                  Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion (ZMVA),
                  IG Passivhaus Steiermark (IG PH),
                  Regionalmanagement Oststeiermark (RMO)



New Hungary Microcredit Programe 

Support programme:  for the mediation of Microcredit Programmes financed in the framework of Priority 4 of Economic Development Operational Programme.

Number: GOP-2007-4.1.

Short description:
Commercial Banks consider credit granting too risky because of the high costs and inadequate collaterals for the judgemental lending system. Microcredit Programme, the returnable supporting system of New Hungary Development Plan provides a solution.
The microcredit construction offers the opportunity of close-up, competitiveness and sustainability to enterprises without access to bank financig so far. Enterprises can expend credits on procurement of machinery, fittings, tangible assets as well as financing investments. They will also have the opportunity to improve their existent business property or rented infrastructure. Besides, this new-type source is also available for the diversification of their activities and procurement of current assets and services. The micro enterprise must have its own funds at their disposal for lending investment credit, in at least 20% of the total costs of the project. In the case of current assets credit, however, there is no requirement concerning own funds. The max. amount of loan for investment is HUF 10 million and HUF 6 million for current assets, the max. maturity of the credit lent out is 12 months in the case of current assets loans and max. 60 months with investment credits.
The National Development Agency is looking forward to the application of County Foundations for Enterprise Promotion as well as of the capital in addition to financial enterprises to the recently announced mediatory tender, with no direct or indirect majority share in any credit institution, but according to the relevant regulations, they possess valid licence to grant credits and loans i.e. to provide financial services.

Duration for implementation:



Facilitating the establishment and development of spin-off companies in the central and southern area of the West-Trandanubian Regio 

Short name:  Spin-off 

Support programme: West-Transdanubian Gabor Baross Programme


Short description: Assessment of research organizations, faculties of universities and colleges, and clusters, preparation and facilitation of the establishment of spin-off companies which are potentially traceable and under formation there

Duration for implementation: 2009-2010


Promoting innovation to gain ground in the West-Trandanubian region. Innovation campaign - INNO-TÉR


Short name: INNO_TÉR

Support programme:
Gabor Baross West-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Programme

Number: BarossnND07-NDINRG-07-2008-0005

Short description: Improving innovation abilities of the West-Transdanubian region, drawing attention to innovation, introducing the role of innovation in the quality of life, promoting innovative developments

Duration for implementation: 2009-2011

Lead partner: Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion (ZMVA)

Partners: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vas County,
                 INNONET Centre of Innovation and Nonprofit Ltd.,
                 West-Pannon Regional Development Plc.,
                 UNIVERSITAS-Győr Provider Nonprofit Ltd.



Cross-border demonstration and training centre for energy sustainability - BIOFUTURE 


Short name: BIOFUTURE

Support programme: Slovenia-Hungary Cross-Border Cooperative Programme


Short description:
connected with BISTRA HISA – SMART HOUSE in Martjanci, a demonstration centre is built demonstrating energy-efficiency and energy-efficient use of natural materials as a pilot project. The main activity of ’SI.ENERGIJA’ Association is to work out and arrange trainings on the subject-matters of energy-efficiency and the use of renewable energies.
The cross-border innovation and incubator centre of 1100 m² for energy-efficiency and renewable energy planning is set up in Nagykanizsa by the Association for Sustainable Development.
During the project, the use of solar energy, heat pump methods and the solutions of pellet-based energy supply in the field of renewable energies are promoted by the Pannon Renewable Energy Association.
The main responsibility of Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion is the survey of the principal energetic features of traditional architecture, giving high priority to ground and wood architecture. Based on and as a result of the survey, demonstration of the possibility of preservable traditions to be adapted into contemporary solutions especially in connection with wood architecture. Demonstration of the survey results on a study tour to the professional audience as well as generating publicity among the general public in the form of publications.

Duration for implementation:

Lead partner:
BISTRA HIŠA, Zavod za raziskovanje in trajnostni razvoj Martjanci

Partners:        Društvo za trajnost virov 'SI.ENERGIJA', Beltinci
                      Association for Sustainable Development, Eszteregnye
                      Pannon Renewable Energy Association, Körmend



One step ahead network innovation with Pannon Wood and Furniture Cluster - INNOSTEP 


Short name: INNOSTEP

Support programme:  Western Transdanubian Operational Programme

Number:  NYDOP-1.1.1/A 2008-0006

Short description: The cluster has set the objective of accomplishing 23 tasks within six ranges of duties; with the development and operation of databases to achieve effective exchange of information, consultations on technology and innovation, operation of a benchmarking club, elaboration of a joint cluster image to establish joint marketing projects, fostering joint sales with the organization of regional trade fairs and exhibitions (Pannon Design, innoLignum, local fairs), organization of conferences and programmes, presentation of best practice, further development of Pannon cluster furniture programme, grading quality cluster products with trademarks, creating new design plans to further development of cluster furniture, development of wood architecture, operation of a joint marketing office, operation of a technological transfer (TT) office

Duration for implementation:  2008-2010



Interregional Innovation System - IRIS

Short name:  IRIS 

Support programme:  Austria-Hungary Cross-Border Cooperation Programme


Short description: The aim of the project is to support innovation-related growth potentials hidden in the border region. For the sake of it, IRIS contributes to the construction of a joint interregional innovation system, established by the integration of regional innovation systems and fosters the consolidated collaboration in different fields of innovation.

Partners focus especially on the following specific topics:
- The aim of the interregional promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises is to support the selected entrepreneurial ideas with extra value for the region and contribute to their implementation with professional assistance and networking.
- In the framework of a work package called Interregional competence areas, we work out 2 selected competence areas (industrial raw materials and engineering) to the aim of joint cooperation.
- The aim of the interregional network development is to bring clusters and enterprises together.
-The interregional domicile development concentrates on promoting existing premises to be brought into better markets.
- The aim of the interregional knowledge base is to facilitate access to interregional knowledge as well as working out and testing qualification modules in the cross-section topics.
- The mentoring and coaching work package fosters cooperation between economic actors and enterprises besides supporting them in certain topics.

In the scope of the project, we address organizations related to regional innovation systems, especially focusing on small and medium-sized enterprises, clusters and networks, chambers of economy, industry and commerce, innovation and development agencies, competence, commodity and service centres, training and educational institutions, universities and research institutions, public offices and institutions as well as financial actors.


Enterprise Europe Network


Short aim: The Enterprise Europe Network is the only network for enterprise promotion launched by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry which supports business development efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises.
The Enterprise Europe Network consists of 500 organizations – chambers of commerce, regional development agencies and university technological centres operating in individual countries.

Duration for implementation: 2008-2015



Promoting Entrepreneurship in Mura-Drava region - PRE-MU-DRA

Short name:  Pre-Mu-Dra

Support programme:
HU-CRO IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme


Short description:
Each member of the consortium deals with the development of economic life and support of SMEs, and are active in the cross-border region. The activities planned in the project serve the establishment and development of business relations among enterprises operating on the two sides of the border. Partners assess active enterprises in their field of activity, provide them with Internet display and the opportunity of finding business partners, and they carry out database and website development to this. They organize businessman meetings to establish particular business relations amongst Hungarian and Croatian entrepreneurs. They provide the opportunity for Hungarian and Croatian entrepreneurs to establish business relations on a joint stand on a trade fair both the Hungarian and Croatian sides. They make efforts to reinforce and improve professional and entrepreneurial competence of SMEs. The transfer of knowledge to entrepreneurs takes place on seminars. They organize study tours to demonstrate technological and service innovations as well as enterprise networking. Project results in the field of business relation networking are presented at a Closing Conference. Project representation is provided by publications and continuous press attendance. The Pre-Mu-Dra is to be implemented in the cross-border region, in County Varaždinska, Međjimurska, Zala and Somogy.
The project is implemented from May 2010 to the end of April 2011. The primary target group of the project is the circle of small and medium-sized enterprises. They are planning to establish contacts with approx. 300 enterprises in different activities. Each partner participates in the establishment of project organization, development of database and entrepreneurial competence as well as PR activities. The project involves the development of project image and website, organization of 2 businessman meetings and study tours, trade fair attendance and organization of the conference. As a result of the project, entrepreneurs will realize the importance of cross-border business relations and become capable of maintaining them. The conditions of crossing in cross-border economic life develop with the establishment of business relations, and besides spontaneity, with the support of the project, business relations are established in new sectors as well.

Duration for implementation:

Lead partner:
Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion

Regional Development Agency Međjimurje - REDEA Ltd.
                 Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Varaždin
                 Entrepreneurs Centre of Somogy County Public Foundation




Enterprise Europe Network

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