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Newsletter 04.12.2018 

What is FINCOM? A community, a pool of companies, which are working together in the field of innovation. These stakeholders ensure the implementation of a durable cross-sectoral and collaborative process on regional and transnational level.

What could be the best message for the members and the relevant role-players, when Hungarian FINCOM working group was established?

FORESDA partner, ZMVA organized a study trip to Austria, which means this was really transnational. The target company was F/LIST, which is a quite unique and innovative company, and merge several industrial sector. It produces hotel-, yacht- and airplane interiors from wood, metal and composite parts. These attributes fit for two more FINCOM goals: knowledge management and cross sectoral aspects.

It was a great idea from Hungarian FORESDA partner to make the first FINCOM meeting to this place. Each group-member could clearly understand goals and main messages of FINCOM, when they walked through this very innovative and complex company, and they could talk with representatives of F/LIST.

This can be FINCOM in practice.

 Project co-funded by the European Union Funds (ERDF and IPA)


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