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After the end of the 2011-12 year period the DG opinion was that we should be kept fewer and smaller events for entrepreneurs, because practice and the results show, that the previous method isn’t effective enough. The smaller events can be more personalized thereby the efficiency will increase.

According to the guidance three EEN offices organized a Company Mission program in Brasov in May 2014.

It was a high quality event not only a b2b, there was a fair-visit, a company mission, a b2b, and because of the little number of companies we could previously collate with the applicant companies to see exactly what their purpose is, and that we were able to negotiate with colleagues, through them with their companies.

As a result, such companies met, who had known previously each other’s activities, goals and they knew what they want and what kind of transactions possible with the partners.

The clients were very satisfied, and the EEN partners decided they will organize such events in the future as well.


EEN - Zalaegerszeg (HU); HCE Consortium
EEN - Alba Julia (RO)
EEN - Cluj Napoca (RO)


Wood- and furniture


28-30 May, 2014.

Enterprise Europe Network

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